3rd North Evoikos Gulf swim

The proclamation of the event as posted in the organizers website :

The Association of Amateur Fishermen in Limni Evias, ‘Poseidon’, announce the Swimming Marathon: the 3rd North Evian Gulf Crossing, “SKYLLIAS 2013″ in Limni, on Saturday 27 of July 2013, honoring the first known long-distance swimmer in Ancient Greece, whose swimming performance and underwater action played an important role in the victorious battle of Artemision, in Northern Evia.

It is well known that long-distance races have always been a timeless challenge and a legacy of Greek culture for the generations of people in the past, present and future. In these hard times, our Club is seeking to revive and restore the sporting and Olympic spirit, by establishing a new field of noble competition and a test of physical and mental strength, away from the expediencies of professional athleticism. At the same time, this event attempts to raise public awareness of the protection of the Evian Gulf from human intervention and takes initiative to declare the “Kantili Shores” as a region of great environmental and ecological importance that requires protection.

Furthermore, the Board of ‘Poseidon’, intents to contribute to the enhancement and promotion of maritime personalities of our region, who have made rescue operations, nautical contributions and have generally shown humanitarian altruism in the sea, by deciding to additionally name this summer’s Swimming Marathon as:






JULY 27 2013

The participants, who must be 18 ore over, are invited to swim a distance of about 14,470m. Starting from port Lechouni (near village Osmaes Theologou) and finishing at the shore of Limni’s beach without using fins or other navigational aids. For the swimmers’ safety, speedboats and motoring boats will accompany them and will provide wireless communication and other supporting tools.

Swimmers will be considered as having successfully completed the race, if they reach Limni’s pier, or the adjacent beach in front of the Court House, within 3 hours of the first swimmer completing the race.

Swimmers from all over Greece and abroad can enter the race by posting a written statement by July 12, 2013 at: LIMNI AMATEUR FISHERMEN ASSOCIATION ‘Poseidon’, LIMNI EVIAS, Zip: 34005, Greece, or by email to: ipalantzas@yahoo.gr.

If the applications are too many, the committee will select the participants based on their participation in various sports, giving priority to their distinctions in water sports, as well as the international character of the race.

Athletes will be notified by July 13, 2013 for their participation.

The organizers accept no responsibility for any accidents that might occur during the race. Participants must be healthy and will have to provide a recent medical report along with a cardiogram (maximum 90 days) to the organizers on July 26, 2013, a day of compulsory attendance of the athletes. Note that participants who do not provide medical documents will be disqualified and will not participate in the event.

Unfortunately, there is no cover for living expenses of the participants.

For the needs of the race and the successful outcome of the event we welcome and appreciate the support and sponsorship of the members and friends of the Club.
(Translator: Alexandridi Eleni)

With Regards,
The Board of Directors

Official website : https://sites.google.com/site/skylliaslimni/

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